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By combining human and AI-powered processes, JamieAi efficiently connects Data Professionals in search of a new job with organisations looking for new talent.

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For Talent

JamieAi lets you spend less time searching for a new role

The platform combines the power of AI with the oversight of our expert team to deliver transparency and efficiency

JamieAI learns your skills, requirements and what motivates you to find your perfect job, even when you're not actively looking.

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For Employers

JamieAi will save you money and time

AI driven, human authorised. Every match is reviewed by our team before being sent to ensure that only candidates with a strong match make it to your inbox.

Reach our active community of 4,000+ Data Professionals in a single place.

Our streamlined, unbiased and cost-efficient processes deliver unmatched value in comparison to traditional recruitment.

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