3 Unexpected benefits of working in tech

10th April 2019

Tech draws many people because of the financial opportunities.
As all others fields stall or shrink, the tech field is adding jobs and opportunities. While this is an obvious reason to join tech, there are also other reasons that are less obvious.

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Here are 3 uncommon benefits of the tech skills

  1. You learn non-tech skills
    A common term in Silicon Valley investing is that “software is eating the world”. Tech is not a field like accounting or law but a field that touches all other fields. Medicine, education, or green energy are all areas that are touched by software and data science. Learning to code gives you a connection to any of these fields.

  2. Learn how to build your own products
    The same skills that make you valuable for a tech company are the same that give you the ability to build your own app. With a couple of lines of code, you can start a company and test it in the market. Coding is analogous to writing, the better you get at it professionally the more it makes you more effective in all your other ventures.

  3. Inclusive and supportive community
    Because of the growth of tech jobs, the higher sense of job security incentivises support within groups, and not through competition. While 2 lawyers may be trying to undercut each other to land a certain position, the tech community actively supports each other in finding jobs. Tech also has a history of being open and transparent about work, which is seen in the openly sourced code movement and with websites like stack-overflow. There is a high chance that any question you have has been answered and even if it hasn’t, someone will stop in to help.

Closing, being in tech myself I have realised that while financial incentives can be major benefits in working in tech, there are deeper reasons to stay for the long run. 

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Fernando Hidalgo

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