5 hiring hacks that are perfect for every tech recruiter

11th March 2019

Hiring tech talentIt’s no news that there’s currently a decrease in high-quality candidates in the technology field. In-house recruiters and hiring managers are finding a challenge to attract the right skills. This can hurt businesses in several ways.

We have listed a few hiring hacks on how to attract the brightest candidates to your company and how to encourage them to stay.


Get to know every detail of the position you want to fill

A good percentage of the challenges encountered by HR professionals fall on them not having an in-depth understanding of the vacant role. HR professionals and in-house recruiters who don’t have a tech background may be asking the wrong questions.

As an in-house tech recruiter, it is instrumental to your hiring procedure to understand the specific skills and experiences you need to look for. Whatever it is you’re looking for, a coder, full-stack developer or data analyst, make sure you understand every detail of the job and use tech terms to reach out to the already limited pool of tech talents.


Understand what a tech talent is looking for

Switching jobs isn’t so much easy, most especially when your current job seems almost perfect. Asides this fact, the number of tech talent keeps shrinking, but the good news is the number of tech jobs keeps increasing as well.

This reality can only mean that businesses are finding it hard to convince the best talent to work for them. In other words, you have to offer much more than the usual.

What makes them tick?

What keeps them motivated?

What do they want to achieve from a job?

In most cases, a tech talent would look out for high compensation and flexible working benefit. Also, they’re quite interested in agility and the technologies they’re likely to work with.

Other benefits like food, vacation, and other palatable work benefits are mostly on the side for them. Once you offer a mouth-watering compensation and a superior work environment, other things can follow.

In the process of winning them over with a fair salary, showcase your organiSation’s working environment and the opportunity for career development and training prospects.


Offer them a challenge

Quora and Stripe currently practice this strategy.

They throw open challenges for tech talents who are eager to exhibit their skills and solve problems. Once they can provide a solution, they go ahead to submit it via email, which is the only way to find out the correct answer.

For best tech talents, challenges are their strong point. They enjoy opportunities that make them explore their mental ability.

Create a challenge that doesn’t seem so easy, and you will surely be soon attracting some really great talent!


Look For Tech Talents In The Right Places

Tech talents cannot be found on the traditional job board. Considering the fact that some of them have great careers, you won’t find them actively job hunting.

70% of the talent is passively looking. Platforms like LinkedIn, tech community websites (like Github), tech forums, wide talent marketplaces, and online platforms can be a good place to source them. JamieAi is also a great way to source passive and active tech talent that matches all your requirements.


Build a strong network and organize events for tech talent

Sticking with tech business comes with being part of an enormous economic entity. At the same time, it’s a relatively small community where you can pull the right people with the right resources.

Tech talent loves to work with strong networks and brands. They don’t just hop from one undecided start-up to another. You need to make your business recognisable because the bigger and better your network, the easier it gets to find great talent.

A very important strategy to get tech talent is to organise exceptional tech events. There’s no better place to find tech talents than a popular event that brings them together to do things they enjoy. It also gives you a chance to showcase your company culture. Perfect examples of these events are webinars and meetups that focus on challenges that are common in the tech industry.

Finally, you can’t afford to rush the process, your hiring timeline may not bring you your ideal candidate.  Great tech talent do not leave companies abruptly, but instead they take their time.

While it’s important for you to hire fast and meet set goals, it’s also important to have a smart, long-term strategy.


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