7 questions you should ask your interviewer

28th January 2019

An interview session is not only about the answers you provide. Your questions in return will determine how your potential employer perceives you.

So, what do your interview questions say about you?

To a large extent, the gravity of your interview questions will lead to a meaningful discussion between you and the hiring manager. Your display of intelligence, through your choice of words, might just land you a life-changing job offer.

Asking the wrong interview questions can drown your qualification and whatever progress you’ve initially made. Keep in mind, the last thing you want to do is appear foolish!

Sell yourself positively with these 7 interview questions.

1. What Specific Qualities Should Your Ideal Candidate Possess?

It’s important to make a research about any company you have intentions to work with. At the same time, you can’t have a hundred percent information on what skills they value.

Asking this question will allow you to understand clearly what you’re getting yourself into. It’s a smart thing to do.

2. If Hired, What Kind Of Team Will I Have To Work With?

A key quality every employer wants to recognise in a potential employee is how well they can function on a team. No one can work in isolation, so asking this question shows you’d seamlessly fit in as a strong team player.

3. Does The Company Offer Any Kind Of Support To Foster The Growth Of Each Team?

This question shows you’re thinking long-term. Every organisations wants employees who are willing to learn, grow and stay with the company while contributing tremendously. 

4. Are There Any Important Milestones You Would Like To Me To Hit Within The First Ten Months Of Working Here?

The number-one reason a company has that position available is because there’s a problem that is needed to be solved. Whoever gets the job must be willing to solve the existing problems, and prospective problems as well.

Therefore, you’d be helping yourself by asking a question that sheds more light on the employer’s expectations.

5. How Is Success Evaluated Here?

Success is measured differently in every companies. You need to align your values with the company’s values. 

6. What’s The Company’s Management Style Like?

Companies differ, it’s the reason why you’re asking these interview questions in the first place. Getting a heads up about the company’s culture, leadership and management style, will help you understand if you can roll with the tide or not.

7. How Does The Company Respond To Conflict Resolution Among Staffs?

In a way, this is very similar to the previous question, resolving conflict has a lot to do with the company’s culture. Head-on dealing with conflict among staff is essential to company growth. Asking this question shows that you understand this.


Asking the right things, shows your interest to the company you are interviewing. Always go prepared and at least with a set of interview questions that can show how dedicated you already are to your future row. 


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