Workplace culture: 7 steps to success

11th January 2019

The backbone of a happy and successful workforce is nothing more than company culture.

TeamworkTo a large extent, your company’s success is dependent on its operations; how critical challenges are approached, how committed your workers can be and how equality is distributed. You have to create a working environment that remains the standard even in your absence. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a failed work system.

Tech workforces have been criticised for their culture and effect it has on employees. As a result, putting effort onto building a great and sustainable company culture is essential.
Here are the 6 + 1 key factors you should consider:

Define Your Company Culture
First, if you’re going to bring anyone into your culture system, you must have a clear picture of what you want it to be. Better still, you can set aside a few hours to pin down the values and how you want it to be adopted by each staff. Of course, there’s always room to review your company culture, but try to set your fundamentals right.

Hire People Based On Your Core Values
When it comes to hiring, skills and experience play a vital role. You should also consider how the new hire can fit into your company’s culture. If your new employees are in sync with the values of your company, everyone is moving in the same direction and progress comes easy. A simple way to do it, is to explain on their first day the company’s values and vision. This will allow them to see the importance of sticking to the established rules and guidelines.

Find Ways to Keep Your Core Values in Check
Creating your unique culture will need sustainability. Depending on what suits you, find time for special gestures that remind your employees of the values the company is built upon. It could be a year-end occasion or during the company’s anniversary – sharing stories that resonate with each staff further strengthens the bond of teamwork.

Listen – Good Decisions Come From Anywhere
In your endeavor to build your tech workforce, make sure you do away from the usual one-way system; Get to work by 9 – Take orders from management – Do exactly what you’re told – Leave by 5.
A lot of individuals will take the offer as long as it pays the bills, but the truth is they loathe the system and will jump at any better offer at any time. Grant your employees a voice, give them the right freedom and make sure to never limit their capabilities.

Write out A Story That Drives Homes The Values Of Your Company
Every company has a story – from the inspiration to the breaking points and how the company eventually thrived. You don’t have to mention every single moment, pick out the strategic aspects and turn it into a story everyone can relate and grow with.

Stand As an Example
As a leader, you can’t just talk values, you should always live up to them. Otherwise, values and company culture can easily becomes just a mere talk to your employees. If you understand what it takes for your team to succeed, you have to hold yourself to a similar standard, let them see the culture in you first.

Benefits of Inclusion and Diversity in Tech
The tech industry is starting to lead the way with inclusiveness around race, gender, and sexual orientation.However there is a long way to go. Even though 72% of tech founders believe in the importance of diversity, only 12% have five or more employees in tech roles who are from underrepresented groups. Furthermore, Google is more likely to advertise executive-level salaried positions to search engine users, if it thinks the user is a male.

It’s inspiring how the tech world is finally outgrowing the belief that women are not needed and that one race is lesser than the other.
Inclusion and diversity are crucial to the establishment of a company’s culture and plenty of studies have indicated the financial benefits of diverse workforce.
However, there’s no better way to foster creativity and expand a company’s borders than by involving both genders and various races. No career sector needs creativity as much as the tech world, consistent innovation is the key and a great culture will attract the required talent.

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