Data Scientist V/S Data Analyst: which to choose?

Data Scientist and Data Analyst may sound similar…

What does Data Analyst do?

  • Understands the data
  • Analyse the data
  • Clean the data
  • Visualise the information and provide a visual representation of data to business decision makers.

What does Data Scientist do?

  • Works on Data that is not currently understood
  • Figure out what data is important
  • Acquire the data
  • Clean the data
  • Extrapolate the information from the data
  • Find missing values
  • Data Scientist formulates a theory or hypothesis
  • Test it using predictive modeling. communicate results to business stakeholders.


which to choose?

1. Data Scientist

  • A professional who understands data from a business point of view. He is in charge of making predictions to help businesses take accurate decisions.
  • Knowledge of computer applications, modeling, statistics, and math.

2. Data Analyst

  • Performs a variety of tasks related to collecting, organizing data and obtaining statistical information out of them.
  • Data Analysts present the data in the form of charts, graphs, and tables and use the same to build relational databases for organizations.

Salary Stack

No matter the difference between the salaries both need each other to function. It’s good to research and try both in order to see what suits you best.


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