Hiring Data Professionals is hard. But it doesn't have to be.

JamieAi combines human and AI expertise to ensure only genuine applicants with the right skills and interests hear about the role.

You keep full control of the hiring process, giving an unbiased and effective way to hire your next hire.

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What makes JamieAi special?

JamieAi makes recruiting quicker and cost-effective, while ensuring a match with candidates on a range of technical, cultural and personal attributes. It's the smartest jobs board available.

The result is a filtered pool of candidates that fit your requirements perfectly.

Our focus on Data Professionals means you can tap in to a large and active pool of candidates.

How does JamieAi work?

Get started in less than 3 minutes

Create an outline of your ideal candidate spelling out the key details of the role.

Provide background on your company to tempt top talent describing the many reasons matched candidates will want to join your awesome team.

Provide a more detailed job description to further refine matches.

Detail attributes valued most highly by your organisation.

Go live

Your job posting is approved and shown only to candidates with criteria that closely match your requirements.


The best matches arrive in your inbox, after having been approved by our match review team.


Connect directly with candidates, arrange your interviews and control the offer process.


Welcome the newest member of your team


Simple, transparent pricing options

1 Month Matching Window £999

For roles under £75,000

Or a flat success fee £5,999

Per hire. For roles under £75,000

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For roles in excess of £75,000 or for multiple hiring

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