First day at work? Here are a few tips on what to do.

1st March 2019

Businessman in the international companyLanding a great job is one task, keeping it is another.

This is a great start, but the part you can’t afford to screw up is when you get to make that very first impression. Of course. showing up is the first step to success. But, it takes more than being present to succeed at a new job.

Considering the fact that you only have one shot at a first impression, it’s up to you to portray an image that will set you up for subsequent greatness. Truth is, you don’t really have control over what people will think or say about you, but you can at least try to buy them over by being on your best behaviour.

Making a good first impression wouldn’t cost you so much. Here are a couple of tips that will help you earn that respect from your first day at work.


Arrive Early
The first mistake you want to avoid is being late on the first day of your new job. First-day lateness will leave a bad impression on your new boss, and even your new colleagues may find it hard to take you seriously as well. You can always pick out your clothes a day before to avoid unwanted surprises the day after.


Don’t Dress Outside the Workplace Culture
Like it or not, people will judge you based on how you look. Your dress sense says a lot about how organized, reliable, efficient, and professional you are. If you happen to be a flamboyant dresser, this is a perfect time to dial down your skills.

Also, if your new colleagues wear suits, wear one. If they dress casually, do the same but to avoid feeling out of “office fashion” on the first day, simply dress professional.


Have a Positive Attitude
If you’re excited about the new job (which you are), show it!

You don’t have to be overly uptight, be enthusiastic and be nice to everyone. Also, avoid making excuses on your first day and be sure to approach every task with eagerness.


Listen and Observe
Being chatty on the first day can be quite irritating. Your first day should be more about listening and observing every spoken and unspoken rule, as well as written and unwritten rule.


Be Organised
Actually, your desk says a lot about how organised you can get. On your first day, get a vivid idea of everything you need and what you’re expected to do per time. If it’s not out of place, a framed photo of your family, or pet, can be a perfect way to start out. The picture could help lighten your spirit, it’s also a good icebreaker to meet fellow employees.


Ask Questions
Although your first day should really be more about listening, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. On the flip side, while on a quest to showcasing your curiosity and desire to learn, don’t ask too many questions. You have enough time to learn the ropes about your new workplace.


Put Your Phone Away
Staying glued to your phone on a usual work day is disrespectful. Hide it in that bag!


Be Professional
Don’t get carried away by your newness, do your work when you need to and avoid any type of gossip or drama.


If Asked, Do Not Speak Ill of Your Former Job
Do not downplay your previous employer or tell them about how everyone takes naps at will. This attitude is unprofessional and can hinder future opportunities.

It probably took you a while to land this job, be sure to mind your p’s and q’s so you don’t throw it all away. Finally, do not forget to smile!

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