How is AI reshaping the future of recruitment?

8th April 2019

Artificial Intelligence is re-shaping everything – from business to healthcare and from cybersecurity to recruitment. With the way changes spring up daily, we can be sure about an AI-powered future.

Finding the right candidate has always been critical to business success. Hiring the wrong person can be an expensive mistake. This explains why organisations are willing to invest in a brand new status quo as regards to their HR departments.

The advent of AI in recruitment can be called the advent of ease, a much more comfortable way of hiring. Unlike the traditional HR process, it saves a lot of time as it does not involve a variety of repetitive administrative tasks.

Since AI is taking over, some organisations are leveraging on the emerging technology to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs in their talent acquisition processes.

Let’s take a look at some of the revolutionising AI benefits for recruiters:

Automating repetitive tasks

Screening resumes and scheduling interviews with candidates are common repetitive tasks for in-house recruiters. It is, of course, the most time-consuming part of hiring. With AI, these processes will be automated. This ultimately saves time and allows in-house recruiters to spend time on the important stuff, such as interviewing qualified candidates.

Improved communication with passive candidates

AI can help recruiters understand when candidates are ready to change roles and how to approach them. The technology makes it easy to predict exactly when a candidate is ready to make a transition.

Employers can source talent effortlessly

AI is dramatically changing the way a candidates skills, preferences and experience get matched to a job’s requirements. To a large extent, this is benefiting recruiters for they enjoy minimal disruption of their workflow.

Video interviews just became more crucial

Over the years, a number of companies have engaged in video interviews to improve their hiring process. This system is about to deliver more than the usual.

Currently, companies are adopting facial and speech recognition technology. By monitoring facial expressions, speech patterns, and body language, this technology promises to measure confidence level, personality traits, stress levels, and other important qualities.

AI will help single out candidates whose personality best matches the company’s culture.

Employers get more insight into candidates through programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising gives employers the ability to place highly targeted ads in front of the right candidates at exactly the right time, based on their browsing history and online activity.

Tracking cookies can be used to identify job seeker demographics. The same data is incorporated into professional profiles.

Having a knowledge of what an applicant is searching for online could also help businesses identify skills or interests that may not be indicated in a CV, job application, or even in the interview.

Scheduling meetings with candidates just got easier

Meeting with candidates to give them an enticing feel of your company culture will always remain vital. Having an automated appointment setting will help every in-house recruiter quickly and easily schedule these meetings.

There are a number of platforms out there that can schedule meetings by just looking at your calendar, asking a few basic questions, and offering feasible options to the candidate.

Chatbots will answer candidates’ basic questions

Several websites and some companies are already using chatbots in recruiting. There are a number of frequent responses that could be automated and chatbots can do the work all day and all night, so you won’t have to.

For instance, Sutherland, a process transformation company, created a chatbot called Tasha and it turned out to be the best way to improve their candidate experience. Tasha answers basic questions from applicants, responding immediately and anytime.

More so, chatbots also follow up on candidates that aren’t actively progressing with an application.


In five years, the HR Tech World in Amsterdam grew from a 400 delegate gathering to a 5,000 summit with delegates from six continents. This is more than enough proof that AI is one huge game-changer in the industry.

With CEO’s and HR leaders of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies in attendance, several tech solution providers showcased their software in the 2017 HR summit.

Some of these innovations included Xref, Sonru, and Bullhorn.

These innovations specialised in HR technology are focused on easing the major challenges of the hiring process and making more efficient and reliable.

No matter what we witness a few years from now, AI will undoubtedly have a place in the future world of recruitment.. The earlier in-house recruiters and HR departments start to embrace the technology, the closer they get to perfection.

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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