The 5 must-have personality traits to succeed in tech

20th May 2019

What does it take to succeed in the tech world? Does being good at math and statistics cut it? How about being a nerd or having just a simple interest in coding. Does this count?

Truth is, you need much more than just a simple interest in numbers to become a tech guru. Getting past the hiring stage will require some really valuable personality traits that will help you reach milestones in the tech industry. How you choose to get these traits greatly depends on your willingness to excel.

Before we go into the five must-have tech personality traits, you need to also know your degrees won’t automatically give you all the necessary ingredients.

Not everyone is born with a mind-blowing intellect that will change the world. People like Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg definitely didn’t make it through their degrees, they absorbed some crucial traits that make everyone currently recognise them as lifelong overachievers.

So, if you’re willing to break through, get ready to light up your personal appeal with these five traits.

Commitment to learning

There’s no way around it. You need to keep up with the latest trends and be ready to learn new things all the time. Everyone knows technology isn’t stagnant, so challenging everything and maintaining and an open mind will keep you at the top.


In the tech industry, no one works exclusively, collaborations happen from time to time and they’re quite necessary. Whatever you do, you need to know how to get along with other people, work with them and achieve great results.


The fastest way to drain your livelihood is to get into a career you hate. Without passion, we won’t have technology in the first place because it takes a lot of love, hard work, and commitment. Passion is the only thing that will keep you going when you reach the hard parts of your job.

Analytical capabilities

Technology is extremely complex and full of challenges, you really can’t keep wiggling your way around it. No matter what you learn, having the ability to deal with complexity must be inherent in your best attributes.


The best inventions are born out of creativity. It’s not only about being able to proffer great solutions to problems, but you also need to be able to begin something. Having ideas is awesome as well, but if you want to beat the benchmark over and over again, the art of creating must be a part of you.

That being said, you also need to be versatile.

Build your soft skills and look further to acquire skills that extend beyond the usual technology routines, such as skills in business and finance. Actually, non-techies rely on technological tools for their everyday business too. Your job in the tech industry will probably require you to understand a client’s needs and if you must meet those needs, maintaining a steady stream of open communication is necessary.

However, no one is born with all these personality traits. If you’re lucky, you might naturally be great at maintaining profitable relationships with people but if you’re not, you have to learn the traits and absorb them. It won’t be easy though, but nothing beats hard work and practice.

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Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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