The impact of a hiring agency on your company

8th May 2019

Hiring agencies are a perfect solution for talent hunt, but they also have their pros and cons. For companies who have a knack for perfection, they might find the services of a hiring agency to be the only way out. But if you want to try out new ways, your staff might just give you exactly what you need.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should use a recruitment agency

They are time savers

Usually, a recruitment agency can get candidates faster than you can. They have a pool of talent and understand how to attract the right candidates. Also, they may have qualified candidates on standby – probably an overflow from a previous recruiting project.

With recruitment agencies, you won’t have to waste time on fruitless interviews and tons of applications, you only have to select from the best few.

The specialist knowledge is present

They are professionals who are trained to separate the good from the unqualified. The candidate who needs training and the one who has no value to offer. They have years of experience and have the right tools to execute the job faster.

In addition, a lot of hiring agencies specialise in recruiting for certain industries or job roles. JamieAi for instance is focused on connecting tech and data professionals with hiring companies.

This simply means the hiring agency will have a deeper understanding and wider knowledge of the various job roles (as compared to your in-house recruiter or a generalist agency), and how to get the right talent for them.

On the flips side…

There are certain disadvantages you might experience with a hiring agency.

They cost a lot

Hiring agencies happen to always invest their professional experiences into getting you the best candidate, so they tend to charge a lot. Generally, it might cost you about 20%-30% of the employees’ annual salary, especially when you want to fill tough roles.

Losing control of employer branding

Recruiting is also an avenue to promote your company’s brand and reputation. The hiring agency may or may not represent your brand the way you want them to, they might miss out the values that make your brand unique.

Company culture will not be considered

The best hiring agencies will invest in the habit of understanding your company goals, team structure, and culture. However, this added value can’t be found everywhere. Of course, they will give you the best candidate, but such a candidate might not fit into your company culture as he/she should.

Do you understand your company’s hiring needs?

Once you’re thinking about employing the services of a hiring agency, it means there’s a possibility that you can afford it. Hiring more people indicates company growth but you need to fully understand your company’s hiring needs before making a decision.

Hire once a year

If you hire just once or twice a year, a dedicated recruiter staff might just be wasting away. It means you have to pay such staff all-round the year, for just one task. You can contact an agency to quickly get the job done and done professionally too.

Once every month

According to CareerBuilder reports, you can easily receive 75 resumes for every job opening, and 78% of recruiters discovered that at least half the resumes will be from unqualified applicants.

Firstly, your in-house recruiter might have trouble getting several applicants, then once applicants begin to troop in, several hours will be wasted on “unqualified” resumes and cover letters. When it concerns screening, a hiring agency can pull their resources to get it done quickly.

To save time, your in-house recruiter can focus his energy on the qualified candidates only.

Every week

If you hire every week, it can be quite overwhelming. You can decide to create a whole department dedicated to just hiring purposes, which is great. But what if it’s not in the budget? A very good hiring agency can serve as an extended and valuable arm of your company.

Finally, to help you decide, take a long hard look at the possibility of investing in an in-house expert to look after a recruiting department. You can even carry out a test-run, it will help you understand the benefits better.

However, if it doesn’t work out for you and pulls the company backward, your solution is to “hire” a hiring agency.

If you’re looking to hire tech and data professionals, JamieAi offers the most relevant submissions. With just one click, you can take the hassle out and Start hiring now!

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