Want a career in data science? You should read this – Part 2

21st January 2019

How to get a Data Science Job

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In my previous blog,” Want a career in data science? You should read this”, I highlighted what is data science and the different job titles that currently exist. In this blog, I will go into how you will land onto your first Data Science job.

Internship and Technical Degree: 

Data Science is an emerging career path and there is a lot of available opportunity in many companies where you can get an internship in data science and probably after that a full-time offer.

Desired degrees to have to apply for Data Science internship:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics

Learn SQL:

When you are gonna start your work as a Data Scientist, you have to write SQL. Because you have to get the data from somewhere. No matter what language you use R or Python Data is needed to be fetched from the database.

One more reason to learn SQL is most of the data science interviews involves question-related to SQL.

Success Metrics and Tracking Metrics:

Success metrics and tracking metrics are required to know the effectiveness of your product. These metrics are necessary for benchmarking your product with other products in the morning.

Success Metrics: success metrics shows how well does our product perform on the data.

Tracking Metrics: tracking metrics tracks all users and their behavior that can be useful for improving the product

Learn to visualize and interpret data:

Learn tools and languages that can help you visualize and interpret data. Data Visualization is required because we have to manipulate data. Data manipulation is easier if we can visualize and interpret the data.

Tools and languages for Data Visualization:

  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Ipython
  • R


You have to learn to communicate really well because the whole point of Data Scientist is to communicate their findings. If you don’t communicate your findings it will not be flourished into the product.

Get comfortable with public speaking because you are gonna be doing a lot of presentations.

Educate yourself to be a better writer. You can’t present to everyone in the company, but whatever you have found is valuable to another team. you have to learn to write better and well document your findings.

Learn Predictive modeling:

Predictive modeling is a process that uses data mining and probability to forecast outcomes. Learning Predictive modeling is useful when you have to forecast outcomes like predicting future stock prices or build a recommendation system.

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